Hello, My name is Julia.

I am an Interaction Designer that cares about details and finds inspiration in my surroundings. I look at all the elements involved in creating an emotional and meaningful experience through design. I believe that fictionality and visual has the same level of importance when it comes to design.


Fun With Food!

An app that delivers groceries from food pantries straight to families’ homes, along with recipes based off the groceries and games based off the recipes.

Park Safe 

Family spaces and the accompanied ParkSafe app is a system that makes parking and unloading the car at a parking lot more convent and stress-free for people with children. 

Frame 1.png


Topaz is a made-up airplane company whose customer focuses on offering a unique, innovative inflight entertainment system developing new thoughtful functions, which sets Topaz IFE apart from all current competing products.


SMC GO is Santa Monica College's mobile app with the necessary information and tools for current and prospective students. 

mock up smc go spp _edited.png