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Hello there,

I am Julia 

popcorn addict.

enjoy traveling    




& is a

My mission is to provide innovative solutions to solve everyday problems that offer people an emotional and meaningful experience. I am originally from Sweden, but my interest in human-centered design made me move to Southern California, where I am currently located. When I am not designing, I enjoy traveling, exploring new recipes, and looking at cute puppies on Pinterest.

Zen Zone AR

Zen Zone AR Lens is a transformative project aimed at addressing anxiety among youths while promoting awareness about mental health. This case study outlines our journey in creating this AR experience and its impact.


A mobile app that empowers individuals on the autism spectrum to overcome social communication challenges through interactive activities, fostering improved social interactions and enhancing quality of life.


Fun With Food

A mobile app that allows low income families to order meal kits from food banks. Each meal kit included recipes and an interactive game for children to feel involved in the meal preparation.

ParkSafe App

Family spaces and the accompanied ParkSafe app is a system that makes parking and unloading the car at a parking lot more convent and stress-free for people with children. 


An inflight entertainment system with innovative features to enhance the passengers inflight experience. 

Sidereal Connector

A physical wallet to use during & after the visit to Meow Wolf's Convergence Station that embraces the experience. The wallet includes interactive and customizable function that allows users to solve puzzles to unlock interactive AR-features in the app. 

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